Tulip statue in Yayoi Kusama Museum

Kusama world grabbing the hearts of people in the world

Yayoi Kusama's work captures the hearts of people all over the world. The solo exhibitions held at famous museums such as Tate Modern and Pompidou Center attract a large number of visitors, and Kusama's solo exhibition is so popular that large-scale circular exhibitions will be held in Central and South America, Southeast Asia, and Northern Europe.

Also, Yayoi Kusama is **the most popular artist in the world** (2014, UK **Art News Paper**) and **the 100 most influential people in the world** (2016, US **TIME** magazine Was elected). Mr. Kusama also won the 2016 Medal of Culture. Mr. Yayoi Kusama's exhibitions around the world are constantly recording the number of visitors.

At Ms. Yayoi Kusama's birthplace, Matsumoto, an exhibition that follows her half-life **Yayoi Kusama ALL ABOUT MY LOVE MY LOVE**

Exhibition of “Kusama Yayoi” exhibiting works from childhood to the present from March 3 (Sat), 2018 to July 22 (Sun), 2018 at Matsumoto, the birthplace of Kusama's Yayoi ALL ABOUT MY LOVE All of my love is held.

Ms. Kusama's large-scale solo exhibitions have been held twice until now, but all were circular exhibitions. This third exhibition is a completely original special exhibition held only by Matsumoto. Taking advantage of the characteristics that the exhibition is held in her birth place, including the mirror room work that will be released for the first time in Japan, valuable paintings from the Matsumoto period to the latest works are introduced. It is an exhibition that will be a compilation of Yayoi Kusama.

Ms. Yayoi Kusama who was born in a house that operates seed and seed farming business in Matsumoto city in 1929, 89 years ago. Now, Ms. Kusama has made her name in the world as an avant-garde artist, but she was troubled with hallucinations from childhood and it was one of the starting points to start drawing to escape from it.

 It is a huge flower art to welcome you at the museum! It is a work called ** the flower of the phantom ** in front of the museum. Its height is more than 10 m, stems and flowers that extend like a tentacle are full of force.

 The entire property is surrounded by Kusama World, including the huge pumpkin objects in the courtyard surrounded by the museum's buildings and the polka dot vending machines.

 Furthermore, there was also a bus designed by Yayoi Kusama running in Matsumoto city. The name is the polka dot dance number, and of course the outside dot pattern is, but the number is also made to ". 841 (Yayoi)" and stuck to fine points.

**Kusama Yayoi Museum** full of Kusama world

In the museum, there are huge balloon works **Yayoi-chan** and **TOKOTON** in the lobby, and the floor has a unique decoration that tells the route with the footsteps of two people.

You will be drawn into an installation that you can go in and experience, a mysterious world where you can enter the innumerable space using mirrors, and a mysterious sight and grass world where fantastic images overlap from a dark place.

As you enter the larger room, 68 points of **my eternal soul** are lined up all over the wall. These are the latest series of outstanding look that Ms. Kusama continues to draw now, and photography is also OK.

. Finally, the mirror room of Japan's premiere **All About Love That Never Loses to Pumpkins** will appear. Enter the mirror-covered room for 20 seconds and experience the endless pumpkin world.

There are some articles created by Ms.Kusama around the Matsumoto city.

The atmosphere of the city, the history of the works, 125 days which can be said to be the culmination of Yayoi Kusama. This exhibition is held only in Matsumoto. You can feel the background of the work that Ms. Kusama expresses. And you will experience the precious “meetings” where she can continue to communicate to the world, touching one end of her strong thoughts.

Yayoi Kusama website:              https://yayoikusamamuseum.jp/en/exhibition/current/

Thursday, April 4 – Saturday, August 31, 2019: HERE, ANOTHER NIGHT COMES FROM TRILLIONS OF LIGHT YEARS AWAY: Eternal Infinity

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