The statue of horse in Somes Saddle Sunagawa factory

The challenge of the world's leading harness manufacturer "Somes Saddle"

The Meister system that Germany boasts in the world. It is Meister that the country recognizes as the highest rank only for craftsmen who survived many years of practice and severe examination. Every time I went to Germany, I realized the pride and respect of the German people for Meister, who works in various fields such as leather products, cutlery, German beer, ham and bread. When my friend from Germany came to Japan and walked around Ginza, the brand that the friend at first glance liked the quality and sense was the brand "Somessaddle" in the local city of Sunagawa, Hokkaido. It is said that it was named from "sommet" in French and "saddle" in English. Originally, Somes Saddle is the only harness manufacturer in Japan that connects horses with men and creates harnesses that protect riders' safety and lives.

The harness of Somess Saddle has gained the trust of the world, and its harness has long been in use for Yutaka Take riders and other top riders. Sommes Saddle has developed from harness manufacturer to bag brand, applying high technology to process harness leather. Bags with high quality texture and functional design are supported by a wide generation. The Hokkaido Toyako Summit, which was held in 2008, was the source of the widely known name of Sommes Saddle. At this time, it was presented to the leaders of each country, and it was the Dulles bag of the Somes saddle that became a topic.

Enchanting showroom next to the factory of "Somes Saddle"

If you drive from Sunagawa City, Sapporo, just in the middle between Sapporo and Asahikawa and get off the expressway and run for a while, you will see a building with red bricks in the large site. A statue of a horse is built at the entrance, and fashionable studios and shops are lined up. Arrive at Sunagawa factoty, filled with clean and holy air. I feel that products are being created in a wonderful environment. The showroom is always quiet and has a slow flow.

From various kinds of bags to small items such as wallets, belts and stationery, it is beautifully displayed and you can choose while relaxing. Beautiful products that make full use of craftsman's politeness and high skill are all attractive. When a customer makes a question about a product, the staff can explain the product carefully. It tends to imagine the flow work in a factory, but it is completely different, and everything from cutting to finishing is done in this factory, and one craftsman seems to finish one product. It is understood that the feeling of cherishing things is born by being put something like the thought of the person who made it there and the thought of the person who uses it.

From "Heisei" to "Reiwa"! Provide a set of imperial harnesses along with the succession of the throne

The era of the new era, Reiwa. Somessaddle made a complete set of horse-drawn harnesses used by the new Emperor in a ceremonial ritual, and provided it to the Imperial Household Agency. The high technology that has been cultivated as the only harness manufacturer in Japan is poured and finished by the company's craftsman for seven months. It is made of a set of two horses with horse carriages, such as a reins and a kite. Made from the finest black leather of the UK's well-established leather maker "Baker", it is hand-stitched with special sewing and finished robustly. Six craftsmen started in August of last year, and it seems to be completed in early April. The harness will be used in the important ceremony for the new Emperor to report a new mission at Ise Shrine.

Noboru Someya, the president, says that he would like to try someday how the leather products of Somess saddle are recognized in home Europe. While sharing the fun of manufacturing with the people of Hokkaido region, the field extends to products that people of the world can touch. You can buy products at Tokyo, Ginza, Aoyama, etc., or you can buy them at the on-line shop, but why not visit the beautiful Somes Sunagawa Factory, where the craftsman's soul drifts?

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