Oirase stream

Run around Hakkoda with snow by car

**Hakkoda / Towada Gold Line** is a drive route of Hakkoda which collectively means National highway No. 103 linking Aomori city-Hakkoda mountain-Oirase-Towada lake and Route No. 102. Tourists can enjoy the most beautiful views of Hakkoda such as Mt. Hakkoda, which is the northernmost mountain of Honshu, and Oirase mountain stream.

Go through the woodland where the hairpin curve continues, and the fresh green is dazzling even in the early morning, and there is a feeling that the seasons such as the mountain range of the remaining snow, a skunk cabbage, etc. return slightly.

"Oirase stream", walk and go, go and walk, superb view of green and water

Set a car in the parking lot of "Ishigado" and walk to " Nenokuchi" of Lake Towada. A walk 8.9 km from Konoguchi to Ishigado.

The Oirase mountain stream is a river that flows from Lake Towada, so if you walk from Nenokuchi, it will go down; if you walk from Ishigado, it will become up. Certainly it is easier to go downhill, but you can walk while watching rivers and waterfalls flowing, so it is recommended to go uphill.

Despite the rain last night, the water is clear and the greens of the trees are vivid to the eyes. The clear stream flowing through the trees is clear, and the greenery full of trees, stalagmites and ferns shines brilliantly. Anyway, it is a beautiful word. Even in the wilderness,

I feel a mysterious, delicate taste. There are many famous spots such as the flow of Ashura, the waterfall of Kumoi, the waterfall of Kudan and the Choshi Otaki, so the flow and momentum of each water are different, so you won't get bored.

A few hours walking along the mountain stream, the path to reach Lake Towada, under the clear sky, while the sun pours into the tender green of the fresh green, I stop for breathless beauty, walk again and walk Will stop. I proceeded in the silence of only the sound of water and the sound of leaves by the wind.

Magnificent sight of "Lake Towada" which photographs the mountains on the river surface

Continue walking and finally reach Lake Towada. The road along the closed mountain stream and the magnificence of the lake below, the contrast is also a wonderful view.

If you walk to Nenokuchi, you can get back to Ishigado by bus, but we recommend you rent a bicycle and go on a green path.

A rare time when you can just give yourself nature without thinking. It will be a time of early summer that you cannot forget.


There are the Oirase hiking trail between Nenokuchi and Ishigedo with multiple bus stops along the way. It is possible of the hiking of either direction, utilizing buses for the return journey.

Outside of winter there is roughly one bus per hour between Yasumiya (Towadako bus stop) and either Aomori City (165 minutes, 3090 yen) or Hachinohe (135 minutes, 2670 yen). The buses run along the Oirase Stream, serving all the bus stops along the hiking trail, including Nenokuchi and Ishigedo. Note that the buses do not run between early November and the middle of April. Boats provide an alternative to buses for transportation between Yasumiya and Nenokuchi.

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