Jewelryice in Japan

In recent years, the place where you can see Hokkaido's jewelry ice that shines like a jewel in the sunlight is very popular.
Here are the places, times, access and tours in Hokkaido where you can see the mysterious sight of jewelry ice.
In addition, please refer to photography method and recommended time zone, clothes!

What is jewelry ice that can be seen in Hokkaido, Japan?

 jewelry ice lit by the morning sun

River ice flows out into the sea and is swept away by waves, and the ice becomes rounded and crystal-clear, hitting the coast near the estuary.
Ice with rounded corners is rounded like a jewel. The icy ice shines beautifully in the sun.

Because of the beauty of the ice, it came to be called “jewelry ice” and became known not only in Hokkaido but also in Japan and around the world.

It is a photogenic mysterious sight where jewelry ice shines like a jewel in the morning sun.
 Unlike drift ice seen in the Okhotsk region, it is also a feature of jewelry ice that the ice is transparent.

In the US New York Times electronic version, jewelry ice is a rare phenomenon worldwide, and it is widely introduced that "shining ice like a diamond strikes the Japanese coast".
There is also a comment from a physicist, "Is this the only place where you can find this kind of river ice?"

Where can you see jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

Launched ice layer illuminated by the morning sun

Jewelery ice can be seen on Toyokoro's Otsu coast. It is said that jewelry ice can only be found here due to a very rare natural phenomenon.

The severe winter season when listening to drift ice.
Drift ice that reaches Okhotsk is so famous, but the clear ice “jewelry ice” that hits the Otsu coast facing the Pacific Ocean in Toyokoro-cho has gained a lot of reputation in recent years.

What is the process of making jewelry ice in Hokkaido Japan?

Jewelry ice in Hokkaido,Japan/

n winter in the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, the temperature sometimes falls below 20 degrees Celsius. The severe cold freezes even flowing rivers.
The source of jewelry ice is the frozen Tokachi River.

The corners are removed while the waves are trapped, creating crystal-clear ice.
The winter cold in the Tokachi region, which can be below 20 degrees below freezing, sometimes freezes the river, and the frozen portion of the Tokachi river is washed into the sea, and the waves break into the corner, making it clear like a crystal Become.

The ice that covers the Tokachi River flows into the Pacific Ocean and is struck by the Otsu coast near the mouth of the Tokachi River.
Reflecting glitteringly in the morning sun and sunset, it becomes jewelry ice that creates various lights.

What is the origin of the name of jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

 Jewelry ice on the beach in Japan

The appearance of transparent ice, such as jewelry ice crystals, shines in the sun, making it look like a jewel.

It was known for a limited number of people, such as photography enthusiasts, but it was introduced in 2015 on the official website of Toyokoro Town under the name of Jewelry Ice.

After that, it was introduced in various media, and in recent years it has become a spot where many people visit to see this beautiful natural gem early in the morning.
By the way, the name of Jewelry Ice was named by Hisashi Urashima, who was born in Toyokoro-cho and runs an English school.

How can you get access to jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

Jewelry ice with sunrise

There is no public transportation to Otsu coast where you can see jewelry ice.

It is necessary to access by private car or rental car, but the road in Hokkaido in midwinter is very slippery because the road surface is frozen. Let's aim at the destination by driving safely without panic.

Toyokoro-cho is about a 40-minute drive from Obihiro.
From Sapporo, it takes about 3 hours and 40 minutes using the expressway.
From the center of Toyokoro town to the Otsu coast can be reached in about another 20 minutes by car.
If you go directly from Obihiro to the beach, estimate the time for an hour.

There is no public transportation to Otsu coast where you can see jewelry ice, and you have to travel by car.
There are many signboards to guide around the Otsu coast where you can see jewelry ice.
There is a parking lot near the Otsu coast, so park your car there and walk for about 5 minutes to get to the beach.

When can you see jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

A photographer who captures the ice on the beach

Jewelery ice can be seen on the sandy beach on the Otsu coast of Toyokoro, Hokkaido, facing the Pacific Ocean, usually from mid-January to late February.
Jelly ice that is crisp and beautiful from mid-January to late February.

Toyokoro Town Hall Planning Division sends out jewelry ice information on the official website.

Toyokoro Tourism Guide

We updated the state of the Tokachi River estuary and the coast of jewelry ice.
Check here and consider when to go to see jewelry ice!

What is the recommended time to see jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

Jewelry ice shining in the morning sun

Jewelery ice changes in various colors depending on the time and the weather, such as being brightly lit by the sun and sunset, or slightly covered with snow.

The best time to watch jewelry ice is in the early morning when the sun rises.
Jewelery ice shines beautifully in golden color in response to the sun rising from the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.
As the sun rises, the beautiful color of jewelry ice that changes one after another forgets the struggles that happened early.
The early morning is recommended for watching jewelry ice, so the crowded time is also early morning.

The Otsu coast is slightly crowded on weekends than on weekdays.
In the early morning, the cold air from inland may collide with warm seawater, and the sea may be in a foggy state called “Karaashi”.
Cars are parked on the coastal parking lot, and the surface of the sea that has reached the frozen sandy beach with tears in the cold and harsh wind that has never been experienced is one side with the “Karashi (steam fog)” that occurs when the cold gets cold. Covered, a pair of ships floated fantastically.

In the distance, the Hidaka Mountains were exposed to the morning sun, and beautiful jewelery ice was launched on the coast.
As the sun rises, the jewelery ice will change color, show a variety of facial expressions, and have the desire to see it forever in the cold.

How do you shoot jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

Jewelry ice on the beach

The key to shooting jewelry ice is the way light is captured and the angle.
The point of shooting jewelry ice is the angle at which the rising sun is captured.

Taking a picture with a low angle and passing sunlight through jewelry ice will be a good point.
You can design several pieces of jelly ice, and focus on the jelly ice, or draw a piece of jewelery ice that has been launched in nature.
Please enjoy shooting jewelry ice with various compositions from various angles.
It ’s recommended that you bring a spare battery, as it can be very cold.

What is a jewelry house near the coast that can be seen jewelry ice?

In 2018, “Jewelry House” opened near the Otsu coast where jewelry ice can be launched.

This facility has both a resting place and a direct sales place for visitors to Jewelery Ice. In 2019, the facility was opened free of charge from January 12 to February 28, 6: 00-15: 00.
There is also a food menu using coffee, amazake and local specialties, and a stove is installed so you can warm up.

There is also a “Jewelry Ice Appreciation Guide Map” (free of charge), which will be very helpful for first time visitors.

What clothes do you wear when you go to see jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

A ship floating in the waves of a stormy sea

When jewelry ice is seen, the temperature in the area cools to minus 20 degrees or less.
The sea breeze is strong in the early morning and it is extremely cold.

On top of warm inners such as HEATTECH and warm sweaters, a thick down jacket that is impervious to wind is essential.
Of course, you will need a thick hat, ear pads, and gloves.
Use a warmer if possible.

What is the recommended tour to see jewelry ice in Hokkaido, Japan?

The winter sun rising in red in hokkaido

The local tour company “Trip Handyman” has a “dedicated taxi plan” during the period when jewelry ice can be seen.
A taxi can be reserved for two people, and you can pick up and drop off from accommodations around Obihiro from 5:00 to 14:00.
Either departure or return can be changed to Tokachi Obihiro Airport or JR Obihiro Station.
There is also a “shared taxi plan” for picking up participants from each hotel together for those who want to see jewelry ice at sunrise in the morning.

There is also a “Jewelry Ice” experience tour that sparkles like a diamond from “Samurai Produce”.
It will guide you to spots where you can enjoy Hokkaido in winter, such as the river mouth that is the source of “jewelry ice” and the beautiful snowy landscape that Tokachi boasts.
At the end of the tour, there are also souvenirs of delicious local selection sweets.

Jewelery Ice Guided Tour
Period: January 11 (Sat)-March 8 (Sun), 2020
Reservation deadline: 3 days before * Reservations can be made on the day before the event is scheduled
Fee: 8,000 yen / person
Implementation time: 13: 00-17: 30
The time required: Approximately five hours 30 minutesThe required time may vary slightly depending on the situation.
Minimum number of participants: 2 people * 1 person can be held with payment for 2 people
Meeting place: Accommodation around JR Obihiro Station, or JR Obihiro Station (near the east exit)
Experience place: Toyokoro Otsu Coast etc.

What sightseeing spots do you want to see together with jewelry ice spot?

A large hull oak tree in the snowy field and its footprints

If you come to Toyokoro-cho, let's go see the Harunire tree, a tourist spot in the town.
The estimated age of the Harunire tree is about 140 years.

Harunire tree, a designated cultural material from Toyokoro, can feel the overwhelming presence that leaves all the leaves as a cocoon.
The elm tree branches are covered with small drops of ice, shining brightly in the morning sun.

Summary:Jewelry ice that can be seen in Hokkaido, Japan! Photos, tours, seasons, and access.

Rime lit by light

Jewelery ice found only on the Otsu coast of Hokkaido!

We introduced the location, time, access, and tour of Hokkaido where you can see the photogenic sight of jewelry ice.

The place where you can see the jelly ice is really cold, so please go out in warm clothes.

Please come see the mysterious jewelry ice sparkle you've never seen before!

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