Cherry trees on the green field

The original scenery of Japanese heart. Cherry tree which encourage the people in Tohoku.

When looking up at the cherry blossoms, there will be many Japanese remembering their hometown. Sakura, the symbol of Japan, has a flowering period of six months from Okinawa (Kanhizakura) in January to Hokkaido (Chishimakura) in June. Where and at When have you ever seen cherry blossoms? The memories of cherry blossoms tend to be close to each other's life. In April 2018, the season of cherry blossoms came to the northeastern land a little earlier than usual. People in Tohoku may be the ones who are most strongly impressed with the cherry blossoms as a mental landscape of Japanese people. Overcoming a long and severe winter, the blossoming cherry blossoms of Tohoku are exceptionally beautiful.

Famous trees and old trees are scattered in Fukushima prefecture, and the order of one cherry blossoms is made every year. Among them, the area around Nihonmatsu City, Koriyama City, and Miharu-cho forms the Abukuma (Abu-an) Sakura Corridor, with one of the three major cherry trees in Japan, Miharu's Takizakura. It was a series of memorable and spectacular sights to take in the spring sunshine and to look around the famous cherry blossom trees in the middle of April.

"Weeping cherry blossoms of Entouji" like taking off

It seems that Ento-ji Temple was erected at the foot of Mt. Ada Taira by Tokuichi Daishi in 807. After that, it was moved to the present location in the period when the two Honen hotels were opened in 1597. "Weeping cherry blossoms of Ento-ji Temple" has a large spread of branches with pink petals, and the tree forms that are likely to fly away are powerful and wonderful. Since this weeping cherry tree existed before the rendition of Entoji, the age is over 400 years.

The flow of the branch is so beautiful. The weeping cherry blossoms, who have clocked along with the bells of the bell tower, saw the beginning of a new history, listening to the sound of the construction of the main hall.

Bell and cherry tree

"Goma cherry blossoms of Aizoji" to mark the time of the eternal

An estimated 800-year-old “Goma Sakura of Aizoji” had branches hanging down as it touched the ground, and had a red flower like a fountain dripping. The Benihiganzakura, known as "Goma Sakura of Aizoji Temple," is said to be 800 years old and is said to have survived twice the fire at Aizoji Temple.

The present temple was moved from the previous place, and this cherry tree was also transplanted at that time. As a result, it is said that cherry blossoms have stopped growing, and it is also said that they are "not grown cherry blossoms."

Certainly, considering the fact that it is 800 years old, the size is quite small. However, the shape of the waist is complicated, dynamic, and it seems as if the time of residence is here. "Wedding cherry blossoms of Entouji" and "Goma cherry blossoms of Aizoji", the stems of both cherry blossoms have a taste that has been accumulated for many years.

The world of ink painting "Snow village cherry" and "Snow village plum"

A painter and a monk, Yukimura Shusetsu, spent his last year at Yukimura. Edo Hegan cherry blossoms standing beside them are about 400 years old. Behind it there is a bamboo grove, and when you look at plum blossoms, cherry blossoms, bamboo groves, and iori, it feels like you've entered the world of ink painting and you've got a time-slip.

You can see the harmony of bamboo's fresh green and gentle cherry color with that of red rose. The cherry blossoms are in good shape and they are known as "Yukimura Sakura". In addition, there is an old plum tree, and it is called "Yukimura plum". You can hear only the sound of the wind, and the tombs of natural stones, the hundreds of years of weeping cherry blossoms and the old plumes are as if they were hiding.

Cherry blossoms flow down at "Weeping cherry trees at battle field"

“The battle field, weeping cherry blossoms”, with a height of 18 meters, is the grandson of “Miharu Taki Sakura”. It is a 150-year-old young tree, but the petals in full bloom fall like a waterfall, and it is a figure reminiscent of Miharu's waterfall Sakura. There is "Fukuda Temple Ito Sakura" which is said to be a child tree of "Miharu Taki Sakura" 1 km east of here, but in the old days, the branch of Ito Sakura rips down on the road and it gets in the way and someone cuts the branch Dumped in a nearby brook. One day, it is said that the parent and child who was washing the moss in brook found the cherry blossom twigs that white roots began to appear on the shore, brought them home and planted them.

Two cherry trees unite and it looks like a wonderful one cherry tree, and the figure that blooms like a huge waterfall flows down is spectacular. It is said that "the weeping battlefield weeping cherry blossoms" is said to be the place where Yoshiie Minamoto, who came to conquer Oshu during the Heian period, fought against the Sadato Abe.
It is also known as "Sakura of the couple" because of its standing like cuddling.
It is a youthful and dignified appearance, and the word brave will apply rather than being kind. In the rape blossom, the shower of the cherry blossoms of "the battlefield weeping cherry blossoms" is poured, and the figure that changes the expression by the light of the day attracts many people.

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