"Garden of wind" the stage of the TV Drama, a posthumous work dedicated to the lives of famous actor Ken Ogata

"Garden of Wind" located in the grounds of New Furano Prince Hotel is the place used to film the TV drama of the screenwriter Sou Kuramoto. Kiichi Nakai played a doctor who was affected by terminal cancer, and the drama became a topic that described reconciliation and heart contact from his feud with Ogata who played the father role.

“Garden of Wind” is a garden designed for drama shootings that has a peaceful atmosphere and allows you to feel the nature of Furano with your skin. The theme is "Gardens in nature", and while being "gardens", you can enjoy the vast location in the background of the clean sky and earth of Furano.

More than 450 species and about 20,000 flowers were planted in the garden. Snowdrops and Corydalis ambigua in the spring, Lungworts and Bell flowers and Phlox in the summer, and Aster and Helenium, etc. in autumn, bloom in the garden. Every time a tourist visits, "Garden of Wind" shows a different appearance.

The popular garden designer Sayuki Ueno produced this garden, and created a natural, soothing atmosphere like the English Garden. If you have seen a drama, you should visit the Green House. At the Green House, the sets used in the drama are reproduced and you can tour inside.

"Daisetsu Mori-no Garden", a flower garden in the forest facing the Daisetsu mountain range

“Daisetsu Mori-no Garden” is the newest of the Hokkaido Garden Path, and the grand opening was in April 2014. Proceeding for about an hour by car from the city of Asahikawa towards Sounkyo, there is the Daisetsu Mori-no Garden in the hilly area overlooking the scenic Daisetsu mountain range.

This is also the "Forest Flower Garden", produced by Sayuki Ueno, and planted over 700 varieties of flowers.

When you complete the reception at the center house and enter the garden, the greenery-filled extraordinary space expands. The area called “Forest Flower Garden” is gardened under various themes such as “Intimate Garden”, “The Four Seasons”, etc. You can enjoy nearly 500 varieties of flowers with each approach.

The area “Guest House of the Forest” is also made up of each gardening along the theme. In contrast to the “Forest Flower Garden” where you can increase the interest for flowers and enjoy flower itself mainly, the “Gallery of the Forest” is an area where you can look at the various types of trees while feeling peace.

"Ueno Farm", the origin of designer Sayuki Uehara, a garden in full of her love

“Ueno Farm” was created by Sayuki Ueno, who worked on “Wind Garden” and “Forest Garden”, with her family over the years. It is fascinated by the beautiful scenery that is expressed in pursuit of the heart of hospitality and the garden structure that matches the nature and culture of Hokkaido, and many lovers from domestic and foreign countries visit.

At the Ueno Farm, where rice was originally sold, the Ueno Family wanted to encourage visitors to enjoy the rural landscape, and planted Lupine and Camomile to create a landscape. Furthermore, because they wanted to enjoy the scenery of the farm, they made a path in the field, planted flowers, and created an environment where they could enjoy a walk.

The dynamic garden "Mothers Garden" located at the center of Ueno Farm is the "The place started the gardening" that symbolizes Ueno Farm. In addition, the expansive hill called "Shatekiya" where you can overlook the countryside and the basin, feel the blessings of Hokkaido with the full of body. Also you can enjoy the space where are full of fantasy and playful, in the natural garden “Garden of Norm” surrounded by lake.

The garden that Ueno-san is working on is constantly evolving, and future developments are also attracting attention.

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