Cherry blossoms reflected in the paddy field

Collaboration of the charm of a thousand years cherry tree and a mountain azalea in Butsuryuji

a thouthnad cherry tree and other cherry trees

Located in Uda-city, in the eastern part of Nara Prefecture, Butsuryu-ji Temple has a huge tree called the "1000-year cherry tree," and as the name suggests, it is nearly a thousand years old. Butsuryu-ji Temple is is an old temple that is said to have been founded in 850 by Konei, the disciple of Kobo Daishi (Kukai). When you arrive at Shiryu-ji Temple (Buryu-ji Temple), you will be greeted by a tasteful scene.

Big cherry tree in Butsuryuji

In the middle of the stairs leading to Butsuryu-ji temple, “A thousand years cherry tree” are standing with an overwhelming presence. Among the extant cherry blossoms, it is considered the oldest in Nara Prefecture. The cultivar has been found to be a kind of "Mochizukizakura", which is a hybrid of “Yamazakura” and “Edohiganzakura”. Because of its rarity, it is designated as a prefecture's natural monument.

A large number of Somei Yoshino are supporting the millennial cherry blossoms. Mountain azalea blooms beautifully and adds color. The pink color of the azalea, together with the “A thousand years cherry tree” and the surrounding Somei Yoshino, creates a brilliant world.

Pink color of mountain azalea
Mountain azalea and cherry trees

“A thousand years cherry tree” is about 8m around the root and about 16m high, and it has a majestic appearance. At 2 meters from the rootstock, branches divided into 11 branches grow in all directions and bloom flowers. I survived the nature of the deep mountains, put on the cherry blossoms that still overflowed even after 900 years, and am impressed by the divine appearance that healed people.

Many branches of cherry tree

"Weeping cherry blossoms in Ohonoji temple and Maitreya Magaibutsu " to calm the hearts of many people

White Weeping cherry

Ohno-ji temple is a small temple in the mountains along the flow of the Udagawa River, and is famous for weeping cherry blossoms and Maitreya Magaibutsu. There is still a legend that the substitute Jizo in the main hall saved the innocent daughter from the punishment of the fire.

There is a legend that it was built by the petition of Gotoba Upper Emperor, and it was carved on the rock wall of about 30 meters across the Uda River from Ono-ji. The height of the statue is 13.6 meters, the highest in Japan.

Magaibutsu in the river side
Buddha in the cliff

There are two 300-year-old "Koito Shida Zakura" and 10 "Beni Shida Zakura", but at the present time Koito Shida Zakura is under curing, and the cherry blossom bloom has passed a little. However, when you look at the distinctive white waterfall-like cherry blossoms and the cliffs of a cliff facing the river, your mind calms down.

White weeping cherry tree
Stone Budah in Butsuryu temple

A lot of tree flowers are blooming in the garden of Ono-ji, and magnolia, yamabuki, and red maple sprouts have colored the ground to wait for the recovery of cherry blossoms.

Colorful flowers in Butsuryuji garden

Cherry blossoms in full bloom reflected in the paddy field. Cherry tree of Morokino

Cherry blossoms  reflected in the paddy field

There is another cherry blossom that I want to see near the thousand-year cherry blossoms. It is a single cherry blossom that blooms in the rice fields of the Morokino village. As the population ages, only four households live in the village. It will be in full bloom in the middle and late April, but its tree shape is beautiful, and reflecting it in the paddy field attracts visitors.

The type of cherry blossoms is a species called “Akaba-usuzumi-zakura”, which is about 70 years old. In full bloom season, many people visit along narrow narrow roads to see cherry blossoms in the paddy field. Villagers say that is a small festival. The cherry blossoms on the water surface change color over time, and when the wind blows, they change their expression.

Cherry tree in the paddy field

“Matabei cherry blossoms”, weeping cherry blossoms of Ono-ji, “A thousand years cherry tree” in Butsuryuji temple, and cherry blossoms of Morokino. People have always been close to the history of cherry blossoms. Each cherry tree receives the thought of many people who cross over a long time, and heal the heart of the person by putting on a beautiful flower that tells the spring. The story of the cherry blossoms of Uda. There was such a beautiful movie scene that I could not imagine it being a reality.

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