Otaimatsu in Shinyakushiji temple

"Shin Yakushiji Shunie" attended by 11 monks

Speaking of "Otamitsu", "Nigatsudo Shunie in Todaiji temple" held every March is famous, but there is another "Otamatsu" in Nara. In “Otaimatsu” event, the largest event of Shin Yakushi-ji Temple, the main hall is illuminated by Omatsu Fire, and it is a great picture-roll that sounds of solemn reading echoed, just as it was a heroic, mysterious event that returned to the old days of “Tenpei”.

This memorial is for "Yakushinyorai" to pray for world peace, nation's prosperity, and five-grain fertility, as well as repenting of sins and mistakes people are committing without knowing it.

It is a temple built by Empress, Komyo in the hope of recovering from the disease of Emperor , Shomu in Shinyakushi-ji Temple inTenpei 19 (747). "New" is not "new", but it means to thank Buddha's testimony.

You can worship the “Yakushinyorai sitting statue” (National Treasure) enshrined in the center of the main hall's circular ditches, and the 12 statues of gods who raising up the weapon to protect it, with standing up in shawl and intimidating their hair .

At 5:00 pm, a statement from the Tenping Era was heard, and in the presence of eleven monks, “Budhhist Memorial of Yakusikeka” repenting the sins of all people was held in front of “Yakushinyorai”. At this time, "Sanjuniso" is cast by the monks, honoring the 32 outstanding features that Buddha has worn. By the time dusk approaches, you can hear the reading as if it were music.

A large, powerful "Otaimatsu" that scatters fire powder

After completing the decree from 5 o'clock, the monks are once taken out of the main hall, and at 7 o'clock in the evening, they will enter the main hall again with "Otaimatsu" as the road light. My feeling is also rising on the grounds that the preparation of the torch is beginning. The flames attract people as the darkness deepens.

At 7 pm, the road where the monk entered the main hall was led by 11 “Otaimatsu”, and the burning fire passed right in front of the visitors, which is a solemn sight. As Otaimatsu passes through the fresh green ground in full bloom cherry blossoms, the white walls of the main hall glow orange, giving you the feeling of an ancient timeslip. “Shunie of Shin Yakushiji” uses 10 “Otamatsu” and one large “Otamatsu”. The front door of the main hall is open. One by one, "Otaimatsu" is lit and dedicated to the main hall, and finally "Kagotaimatsu" is dedicated.

When a person with "Taimatsu" comes in front of the main hall, he turns "Taimatsu", scatters fire powder and illuminates the main hall. You will feel the heat of the fire and the powder of the fire as it burns up just like a fireball and passes in front of you.

The person with "Taimatsu" also received a flame by wind, was doing a sacred ritual while being adjacent to danger.

The monk stopped in front of the main hall, worshiped "Yakushinyorai" and went into the main hall. The three doors of the main hall, which are always closed, are opened, and the "12 statues of God" and "Otaimatsu" can be worshiped simultaneously.

In "Memorial service" held in the main hall, "Yakushinyorai" is decorated with peach flowers and Vicia unijuga, and "Yakushinyorai" faces appear in countless light. In the sacred atmosphere, the chanting of a leading guru and the reading of a directory of Gods calling for gods from around the country were conducted.

A powerful flame swells up close, a red-illuminated monk's expression. I experienced the historical events of the old city with the overwhelming soul, which is only once a year.


Shin-Yakushiji Temple is about five minutes by foot south of Nara Park. The temple is also a ten minute walk from the Wariishicho bus stop, which can be reached on frequently departing Nara City Loop Buses and other buses from both JR Nara Station (10 minutes, 210 yen, platform 1) and Kintetsu Nara Station (5 minutes, 210 yen, platform 1).

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