Cherry tree and Matsumoto castle lighted up

Carp streamers flying above the "Metoba river" where the cherry blossoms are in full bloom

Carp streamers are swimming in the cherry blossoming Metoba river again this year. It is near Sensai bridge which runs Metoba river penetrating the city. The Metoba river is a river that flows from the eastern mountain of Matsumoto city, flows down the central area of Matsumoto city and joins with the Azusa river, and clean water always flows abundantly.

On both sides of the river, old towns, museums and long-established soba shops are lined up, making it a fun and fascinating piece of art just a stroll. The background of the carp is the clock museum where the large pendulum clock is marked. Valuable Japanese and Western antique clocks are exhibited in the room.

Spring which colors cherry blossom color of jet-black Matsumoto castle

Matsumoto Castle is popular with citizens and tourists as a symbol of Matsumoto City, Nagano Prefecture. The majestic appearance of the castle is designated as a national treasure, and it is also a citizen's pride.

The beginning of Matsumoto Castle is the Fukashi Castle built in the early Warring States period Eisho (1504-1520). Then, after the turmoil of the warring country, it changed its name to Matsumoto Castle. One of the features of Matsumoto Castle is that it is "Castle with jet black" with black lacquer painted on the outer wall. This is the idea of Kazumasa Ishikawa and Yasunaga Ishikawa, and it is said that Hideyoshi Toyotomi's Osaka Castle is unified in black, so it is said that it is a sign of loyalty to Hideyoshi. On the other hand, like Himeji Castle, "Chalk Castle" seems to be the castle of the age of Ieyasu Tokugawa.

The beauty and majesty of Matsumoto Castle, both domestically and internationally, attracts visitors. It is because it was built in the world of disturbance at the end of the Warring States that there is no fancy decoration and a cruel atmosphere. In winter, a black castle shines against the background of a snow-capped white alps, creating a scene full of emotions like Ink painting.

In spring, the national treasure Matsumoto castle silhouette consisting of the oldest five-storied sixth-floor tenement of Japan shines against the background of the mountains in the northern alps, which glows with snow. The cherry blossoms in Matsumoto Castle bloom from the beginning of April to the middle of April. The cherry blossom trees in the outer moat of Matsumoto Castle are in full bloom, and it is the arrival of spring in the Shinshu area.

Matsumoto Castle, which sometimes looks away from among the cherry blossoms, seems to be delighted with the arrival of the spring, which finally came after a severe winter.

When the flowering starts, about 300 cherry blossoms, including Somei Yoshino, double cherry blossoms, and weeping cherry blossoms, bloom at once. Visitors are fascinated by the beautiful contrast between the jet-black tower and the colorful cherry blossoms

Visitors are impressed by the many cherry blossoms that fantastically roam the majestic Matsumoto Castle. If you visit Matsumoto in spring, you will be intoxicated with the beauty of the cherry blossom trees that bloom in the National Treasure Matsumoto Castle.

Matsumoto Castle at night, "Corridor of light" wrapped in sparkling cherry

When spring sunshine is hidden in the peaks of the Northern Alps, the row of cherry blossoms in the outer moat of Matsumoto Castle is lit up and wraps around the jet-black Matsumoto Castle. In the daytime, the cherry blossoms that float in the blue sky are also beautiful, but the cherry blossoms that took the spotlight in the night sky also have a fantastic beauty. Matsumoto Castle's Black gate lights up in the crests of successive castle lords, and its strict and massive presence is growing more than in the daytime. It is suitable for the main gate of Matsumoto Castle.

Black wall and stone wall, straight male strength was reflected on the water surface.

The clouds disappeared, the sky turned dark blue and Matsumoto Castle began to glow white. In the dark night, swans are swimming gracefully at the background of Matsumoto Castle and the red bridge.

Among the cherry blossoms that are lighted up, a particularly powerful scene is the Corridor of Light that surrounds the castle. Some Yoshino blooming along the porch is illuminated with light and you can enjoy the fantastic world created by the night cherry blossoms.

 All branches of cherry blossoms illuminated by light are reflected on the water surface of the moat, and the world of mysterious light spreads, and the light continues to the cherry blossom trees of Metoba river. What a lovely, quiet and elegant beauty. The water of the moat is swayed by the wind, and the figure of the cherry blossoms and Matsumoto Castle also swayed with it .

The wind begins to blow, the petals of the cherry blossoms dance, and a flower confetti draws a picture on the surface of the water. The petals are washed away, and some of the chopsticks are lit up and light up like a pink carpet. That is "Hanaikada".

Soon, Matsumoto will be wrapped in fresh green and Matsumoto Castle will show a different look. Depending on the season, the jet-black Matsumoto Castle changes its appearance.

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