Hokkaido squirrel with Corydalis ambigua and Dogtooth violet in Urausu schrine

Flower carpet of Corydalis ambigua and Dogtooth violet coloring Urausu Shrine

Even in Hokkaido, which was covered in snow and was a black-and-white world, when the green sprouts and flowers begin to bloom, the spring season will be full of various colors.

On the last day of the Heisei period, on April 30, 2019, at Urausu Shrine in Urausu-cho, Hokkaido, flowers of Corydalis ambigua and dogtooth violet, which announce the arrival of spring to the northern country, were in full bloom. A little earlier than the blossoming of the cherry blossoms, it informs us of the arrival of spring.

Urausu Shrine is a 90-minute drive from Sapporo, located in Urausu-cho in the Sorachi region. You will find Urausu Shrine when you climb the back mountain of "Road Station Tsurunuma" on Route 275.

Urausu Shrine is famous for its population of Corydalis ambigua (blue flowers) and dogtooth violet (purple flowers), and the shrine grounds are full of dogtooth violet and Corydalis ambigua, and the sight seems to have been filled with vivid carpets.

During the Golden Week (late April to early May), photographers and tourists from all over the country visit Urausu Shrine. They enjoy the fantastic scenery and the scent of flowers dyed in colorful Corydalis ambigua blue and Dogtooth violet pink.

Behind the Urausu Shrine is the "Ikoi no Mori Park," which was opened in 1999 in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the town. From the park, you can overlook the excellent mountain range of Pinneshiri mountain covered with snow, mainly Urausuyama. The surrounding countryside is also beautiful, and just looking at this landscape will make you feel refreshing and comfortable.

Get lost in the world of fairy tales! Fairy squirrel in the woods standing on a flower carpet

Before the sun rises, many people visit and wait for the appearance of the leading role on the stage of blue Corydalis ambigua and purple Dogtooth violet flowers called "Spring Fairy".

It is a Hokkaido squirrel attracting attention with flowers. The Hokkaido squirrel, who does not know when it will be able to meet, imagines its lovely figure running around the carpet of flowers and waits for that time.

As the sun rises, light begins to reach the flowers, and the bright colors shine.

The Hokkaido squirrel appeared from nowhere. The conversation stops, and only the shutter sound of the photographer waiting for the squirrel can be heard. The Hokkaido squirrel entertained us with a lovely appearance, as if it were a favor to this last day of the Heisei era.

The Hokkaido Squirrel nestled in bright blue and pink flowers seems to be looking at the world of fairy tales. It moves quickly from tree to tree, sometimes stopping as if enjoying the scent of flowers. Was the dream performance time a few minutes? Still, the impression of burning in my mind left, and the protagonist of the stage disappeared.

After the Hokkaido Squirrel left, there were various types of wild birds flying around, including Great Spotted Woodpecker, Varied tit, and Great tit. The Great Spotted Woodpecker is also on the tree of the shrine. I was directing the springy scenery against the background of flowers of Corydalis ambigua.

Hokkaido Squirrel and wild birds live in peace in Urausu town environment, and my heart was calmly healed, and I was grateful for the happy sight I saw on the last day of Heisei.

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